Releezer Magazine: Interview with Manuel Charr

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Nadja Atwal interviews
boxing professional Manuel Charr

Manuel Charr is back ...

... actually he has always been very much there. The 'Colossus of Cologne’ (how is called in Germany) , who recently exchanged his firstname Manuel for his birth name Mahmoud, will soon defend his boxing world championship title. After debates about doping and potential opponents, it is now set that the 34-year-old international media darling will compete against Trevor Bryan (USA) . We spoke with Charr exclusively about his career, setbacks , his “poison" and future plans.

You underwent a gun shot surgery and a double hip operation within 12 months. How did you motivate yourself during this time?

If you love life, then you fight for it. I learned to fight in sports as a young man to win ... - why not for his dreams and goals? There is always a way to success. And she calls herself patience.

On the physical front you are fitter than ever today; please tell us how you achieved that.

Diet makes up 70% and that requires discipline. I eat protein with low carbs and a lot of vegetables including salads. But I also take supplements, like the Green Pro. At the beginning of my diet, I always stick to my plan "Body Reset" - which leads to weight loss, while still having fun eating. In terms of training, every morning before breakfast I go for a 30 minutes spinning session at the gym. It's the best choice for burning calories fast.
My second unit is strength training and functional training or boxing training. So I am challenged twice daily as a professional athlete.

I've heard you have a weakness for cakes - how do you combine your cravings for sweets with the "high protein, low carbs" diet that athletes follow to build muscle?

Every Saturday I treat myself to a cheat day. Then I eat everything I love, like cheesecake, burgers, pizza, and so on. I only pay attention to: Happy Day! Sunday is soup day and Monday I give full throttle again. So I always stay in my balance by changing the change days Saturday / Sunday.

Plans for 2019

You have made Klitschko an offer to fight in Cologne ... .. And?

That was a satire. I have great respect for the Klitschko brothers, but a champion must also know when the body gives a signal to stop. I wish them all the best and health for their future plans.

You posted this famous quote a few years ago on Facebook: “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you - then you win." Does this sentence reflect your career?

I think this sentence is for every successful self-employed person who made it. I can only tell everyone: life is like a train ride. Many get in, many get out, many dodge paying the fare and in the end only your family will accompany you with all your good qualities and the mistakes you made to the finish.

You are seen in Cologne, Miami, New York … When you are not in imminent fight preparation phase, what do you enjoy most and where in the world?

I love being the USA, because everything is big and beautifully lit. ... I love the highways, the bridges and the weather there. Above all, the people are all so friendly and nice, after a few days you feel like one of them.
Miami / Ibiza / Istanbul / Monaco are my favorite places. I have no free time, because I constantly work on a to-do lists ……like an eagle who is constantly looking for success and experience.

What are your specific plans for the rest of the year?

I wish for and and think I will enter the Boxing Hall of Fame. Missing two successful title defenses for that matter. After the boxing career the film career will kick in. My life story 'from the road to the stars' will be a hit.