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Top 5 Restaurants

Kong, Paris

When you know Philippe Starck was in charge of design, you know to expect something exceptional. And in this case, not just spectacular interior that reminds you of a transparent UFO, but also breathtaking views: Pont Neuf, Henri Sauvage’s Art Deco design of the Samaritan building, Art Nouveau by Frantz Jourdain, another one shows the Seine, another of the Louis Vuitton HQ for the severe fashion addict.

Heritage, Hamburg

By the river in Germany’s gorgeous metropolis Hamburg, a striking gourmet tempel inside the famous Le Meridien Hotel emerges as a must-see place that will impress your taste buttons and will trigger your wanderlust – or at least your desire for a little spin with a sailboat on the river. Add the impressive interior and first-class French cuisine with just enough Asian twist and you got yourself a must-have experience.

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The French Laundry, Napa Valley

Many have heard of it, but too few have seen it yet. The French Laundry is known as the Über-Restaurant for gourmets. But not just the food is outstanding. The restaurant itself and the way it is embedded in the beauty of California’s famous wine region, Napa Valley, is simply too stunning to miss out on. 1600 square-foot made of river rock and timbers – made in 1900 – enveloped in gorgeous flowers and the best nature has to offer, makes us not just enjoy the food but daydream as well.

Ossiano, Dubai

Not swimming but dining with sharks seems like an adventure worth trying. Nestled in the famous Atlantis Hotel on Palm Island, this underwater spectacle guarantees its guests unforgettable moments – plus outstanding food. Among other awards it was named the most romantic restaurant in Dubai! While you indulge in your fresh lobster you watch mantas floating by and per request a diver will display a prior placmessage from the other side of the giant glass wall just for you or your loved one.

The River Cafe , Brooklyn/New York

This for really a must visit when you come to New York. Even those New Yorkers who have seen it all around the world keep praising this high-end romantic place with all the top service and special little touches you can ask for. The food is outstanding - of course - but the view across the river with the Manhattan skyline in the background trumps it all. Don’t depend on luck, but make a reservation well in advance. Enjoy!